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About the Client

Odd Molly is a Swedish clothing brand that through its strong expressive colors and cuts highlights the female strength, courage and love. With an established name in Scandinavia, the north American market was the next step for the brand. Their goal was to establish a name in key states in US and come up with a unison communication globally.


To establish an understanding of their American demographic, to Increase brand awareness among specific target groups through social media plugs, influencer collaboration and to gain leverage to nationwide retailers such as Nordstrom etc. 


By breaking down the meaning of the name Odd Molly, which is based back in 80's Venice Beach and a skater girl with the same name, we picked out a concept where we wanted to create a visual experience of "everyday luxury" inspired by the brand's origins.

The attractive feel of Southern California's endless beaches, golden sun and Venice's artistic reputation were important as they resonated with the brand well, and were a balance of timeless expression and modern empowered living.



With Odd Molly's broad market in both age and style, we produced 4 concept videos in coherent communication aimed at each specific target group through our analysis. We developed a campaign to run in parallel with organic traffic from collaborations with influencers on social media. A notable collaboration was with the Venice based female skateboard group GRLSWIRL, which through its own communication resonates well with Odd Molly's brad identity.

Social media following increase 2019-2020


Considering Odd Molly's competitor's branding, which has a very cold and Nordic approach, we created a unique palette of colorful inspirational “everyday” films for the target group to be inspired by, apply and relate to. 

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