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Video, Photo, Social Media Campaign


About the Client

Golden Tiger is a new type of organic beverage company using curcumin and natural energy-essentials. Golden Tiger offers a variety of drinks in different flavors including turmeric lemonades, energy drinks, sparkling water drinks as well as alcohol-infused craft cocktails. Golden Tiger takes pride in their environmentally-friendly production and products, and are continuously working and contributing to the endangered Indian tigers.  


To develop and create a brand identity with inspiring content for Golden Tiger's social media outlets, website and market. Our continuous collaborations include campaign and advertising work, concept-based lifestyle material, product photography and studio shoots.


We wanted to separate and capitalize on the differences Golden Tiger offers from other energy-based beverages in the field. While competitors within the energy beverage field are often heavily focused on saturated workout-related material and gaining influencers as ambassadors, we went a different route.



Being a healthy alternative to regular energy beverages, we have emphasized the health aspect throughout our content. We build Golden Tiger’s material around the sense of well-being that the products and brand is built on, and are continuously working on new campaigns and product releases.


Results include:

Product release material

Press imagery

Lifestyle content for social platforms, web and print 

Brand awareness animations

Through inspiring visuals and image-compositions we are creating an inviting marketing communication associated with Golden Tiger's values and its advantages connected to a modern lifestyle.

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