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About the Client

Einride is the world's first fully electric, totally autonomous transport vehicle to operate on public roads. Founded in 2016 by leading Volvo tech executives, they developed fully functional digitalized and electrified freight carriers that are 100% driverless. Their models have been highly praised around the world, as this is a groundbreaking step into a new era of emission human-centered transportation.


To cover and document Einride's attendance at 2019 CES in Las Vegas together with co-founder Robert Falcks’s performance speech at “Extreme Tech Challenge 2019” finalists competition.


A strong online presence is crucial for all new companies and startups. It has become an important factor for many investors and founders, as well as brand recognition and awareness. Breaking ground amongst other automotive giants can seem impossible at first glance, but with profiled content targeted to the right audience and innovative marketing ideas, this is no longer something that necessarily needs extensive campaigns and marketing budgets. 

Through communications with Einride's marketing department, we decided to fully cover their attendance at CES with both video and photo content, interviews and testimonials to have material for both promotional and internal communication.



By creating interesting, and inviting content that breathed Einride’s manifesto and values, we were able to make their attendance worthwhile for all the world to see. We delivered promotional videos for their social outlets, website, press material as well as internal communication for their staff, sales material and in-depth testimonials for potential investors.

Our video crew presence at Einride's booth gave the attendees at CES a curious and professional perception of the brand as well as we helped create a “hype-feeling” for the visitors.

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