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The series applies ‘Verbatim’ techniques by; having recorded, observed and directly transcribed actual interviews with four young men to accurately portray their contrasting experiences growing up in a contemporary world.

Significant Strangers offers an insight into the differences and similarities within peoples' lives. It gives an honest representation of four genetically similar people that have been brought up in vastly different environments.

Based on true events, Significant Strangers is the story of quadruplet brothers separated at birth, who reunite for the first time 25 years later.


The series introduces the four brothers through a documentary team who locates the men living in both Australia and America, to document their divergent lives and orchestrate a reunion.

Created by Kipan Rothbury

Produced by Christopher Jakobsen

Directed by Kipan Rothbury, Maia Horniak, Sergio Abuja, Ford Sahan

Production companies  Polar Pictures, Tree Leaf Films 

Format TV series 


The four brothers; Jamie, Tommy, Matt and Jeremy are each asked to share their views on love, life and the worlds they know, as the date of their first meeting draws near.​



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