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Promotional Video, Photo, Social Media Campaign


About the Client

Broad Street Oyster Co. started as a luxurious take on the street food concept primarily focused on pop-up takeovers, events and private bookings. The rumor about their amazing seafood and award-winning lobster rolls started spreading around, and after two years of development with about 10 pop-ups and events a week around Southern California, BSO opened its first Brick-and-mortar in Malibu, CA in 2018.


To map out the company's primary target groups on social media through a thorough market analysis. To expand and capitalize on the hype already built up around them and to work on further integration into becoming a “lifestyle choice” through elaborate imagery and exciting posts. 

Secondarily - to figure out how to better get traffic and visitors to the new, and relatively cumbersome location in Malibu (about 13 miles outside Santa Monica).


By providing a thorough audience analysis and defining the market for more effective reach, we were able to build on the organic following and online presence initially created by BSO, and give the brand a hip visual experience with modern graphic design. Continuous updates on social media channels and building a “desire” to be associated with and around their new restaurant.

We chose to showcase the founder’s personal charisma and commitment to his brand, which built a positive "external face" for the brand.



We helped BSO develop a new visual presence with inspiring videos, continuous social media content and marketing material. With insight into BSO’s active work on social media, collaborations with the influence market and their awareness of their digital communication and target groups, we created organic driven campaign content and material to attract post sharing, dissemination and publication. This allowed BSO to keep increasing their brand awareness, reach and still maintain brand integrity. 

We used most digital platforms to channel our communication but held back on pushing ads. This helped us build an organic and more effective spread of the brand to food blogs, newspapers and through tags and hashtags.

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