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The Work-from-home era - how do you communicate with your audience at home?

The Work-from-home era - how do you communicate with your audience at home?


January 12, 2023 at 11:00:00 AM

In recent years, the trend of working from home has become increasingly popular. As people spend more time at home and consume more digital content, You might need to revalue your video marketing strategies and adapt it accordingly to these new changes to remain effective.

Remote work has had a significant positive impact on employee mental health. By working from home, employees are no longer subjected to long commutes, noisy office environments, or office politics. Remote work has also given employees more control over their work environment, which has lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity. 

In a study conducted by FlexJobs, 65% of respondents reported that remote work has reduced their stress levels, and 86% reported that remote work has helped them achieve a better work-life balance. Furthermore, 83% of respondents reported that remote work has allowed them to be more productive, and 82% reported that remote work has improved their overall mental health.

the rise of remote work and the shift towards a more digitalized world has created new behaviors, and new opportunities to reach your audience. People are drastically spending more time on video conferencing platforms, watching online videos, and consuming video content on social media platforms. According to a study by Cisco, video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. As a result, video marketing has become an even more essential tool for companies to reach their target audience.

To adapt to these changes, your content might need a shakeup. Because with an increased need comes increased competition. And with so much competition for attention, companies need to create a unique and recognizable brand that resonates with their target audience. This can be achieved by using consistent branding and messaging across all video marketing campaigns. We can see how a focus on creating high-quality, engaging video content that is tailored to your target audience keep a steady effect not just during a campaign, but over time.

Let us know your thoughts on this, if your company allows employees working from home and if you’ve seen a change in your ad results since the pandemic hit and people started working from home.

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