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Nation of NMDS is a streetwear fashion brand that embodies the nomadic lifestyle through its collection of high-quality clothing and accessories. With a minimalist aesthetic, the brand offers a range of products including bags, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, and more, designed for stylish individuals who value quality and style.

To distinguish the brand from its competition and strengthen its association with the nomad lifestyle, Polar worked closely with NoN's marketing team to develop a comprehensive content strategy. This included three lifestyle shoots, capturing the essence of "the ordinary nomad" in and around Los Angeles, as well as studio product photos, videos, and GIFs for product release material, press imagery, and social media content. The end result was a seamless blend of style and substance, showcasing NoN's commitment to both fashion and the nomadic lifestyle.

2019 - 2022


Client: Nation of NMDS

Production Company

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